Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Favorite Blogging Platforms

What is my favorite blogging platform?

I had my normal question of the day which I use to ask myself:

What is the best thing I can come up from that day?

I found that the best thing I can do today is logging into my blog and put some useful ideas.

So, what is my favorite blogging platform?

The answer is: Blogger. WordPress

What I like Most about Blogger and WordPress

The first I like because of its simplicity and ease of use.

The second I like because of its elegance and advanced features. These features makes you act as a professional blogger.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Funnel of Life. Back to Making Decisions

The Funnel of Life. Back to Making Decisions

In ideal life, we have all the options that we need and have all freedom to choose what to do at any level. Being a little baby makes your life ideal to do anything.

You are not afraid of the consequences of your decisions. You then have the power and ability to virtually make any decision without fear or regret.

When you grow a little bit, you are a little kid. You still can make decisions on your own because your life is still kind of ideal. You are not worrying about making living or economics. You only care about having your candies and having as much joy as you can in your life.

Also being a child makes your ability to become happy very more probable. You can enjoy and appreciate nearly any and everything because you find all things new and exciting.

So you still can make decisions for your ideal life deliberately and not as a reaction.

As you grow older your ability to make decisions not on a reactive basis becomes weaker. You take decisions of what to do and what to study as reactions to outer options and world events.
You grow older and forget the marvelous ability of making decisions that you were born with. This ability used to be virtually infinite.

Why did you forget this ability then?

Because as you become older your responsibilities grow with you and the less time you have for yourself and the less clarity you have in your mind.

You only take decisions of what to do right now as a reaction to the immediate question you have or has been placed in front of you now.

So how you can reverse this process?

How can you take back your infinite ability to make decisions that are not reactions?

Of course you cannot have back this ability immediately. But you can restore it gradually as you train yourself to make this thing on purpose.
You may think that you are making decisions of your own. But in fact you tend to make decisions on the autopilot system you have used for years.

So the funnel gets narrower as you grow older because you get stuck into many fast going life events and you feel your options getting limited.

You can think of that funnel as a visual representation to opportunities in your life.

If you settle yourself with that narrow funnel it keeps getting narrower.

Tell me when was the last time you made a deliberate decision to do something that is not on a reactive basis?

When was the last time you’ve decided to start writing a book of your own or even a small article that is not concerned to your daily job or something that you had to?

Tell me when was the last time that you decided to start painting your own masterpiece?
When was the time you decided to take a vacation or go out on a journey with your family without they keep telling you to do so?
But you tell me when was the last time you’ve decided to start feeling something that you wanted to feel not as a reaction to an outer event on your world?

The problem is that as we grow older, we have more responsibilities and less time. We feel more stressed and busier.

We lose this ideal life that we had as being babies or kids. Then we stop making decisions.
Or we only make daily and immediate decisions as reactions to life events and situations.

The way to make your life better is to start making that funnel wider not narrower as you grow old.

My advice to you if not to settle down and not to sell yourself short.

Respecting yourself starts with your decision to make not actions but first decisions on deliberate basis.

Start now and act immediately. Decisions are like muscles. You must train your decision making muscles right now.

But exactly as the way you start training your muscles slowly and gradually so that they respond to you without being hurt.

You can start training your decision making muscles by making deliberate decisions of something that are completely not reactive to your current situations or life events.
You can start now with your major yet simple and easy decision to make. This decision is to start to make decisions deliberately and consciously as much as you can.

Note that it’s not always bad to make decisions on the autopilot or as an immediate reaction to current situations. On the contrary, the faster you can make right and wise decisions the better your life is.

But being always coming from a reactive point of view that is what I call reactive life.

Here is where you should grow your decision making muscles. If you are always making reactive decisions, you are not making decisions at all.

Act now and change your daily life and start building those decision making muscles.