Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Art of Non-Conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want, and Change the World

Today I've finished reading this book 

The Art of Non-Conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want, and Change the World

for Chris Guillebeau.

In its tone, it reminds me of the book 

The Four Hour Work Week

Live the life as you want not as what you think it suppose to be.

In order to life what you want you need to first know it.

Write your Life List.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days : Book Review

Today I've finished reading this book

Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days
for Chris Guillebeau

This book is intended for people who don't want/not ready to quit their full time jobs, but they need to make some sort of their own source of income on the side.

The book is great and very inspiring. You need to keep up with all the information and exercises the author puts in your hand..

I'm starting a new book also for Chris Guillebeau;
The Art of Non-Conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want, and Change the World

This is an old book back from 2010

Monday, November 20, 2017

Write the story of success

You might think that it's just a small think or it's not worth it.

Think again. Many people are eager to hear how you could do it.

They need hope. Life is not just about facts.

Fiction is the biggest source of inspiration.

You can give people the real side of fiction.. You may also call it the fictious side of reality..

Today, I'm talking about my story with making, wind turbines and writing.

I'm a maker as early as I can remember.. This is not something I claim to be responsible for having or developing..

It's not also a gift. I admit that it has been developed within myself by my parents way of teaching.

They have given me all the tools and resources for learning and growing.

My father has brought me a personal computer at my age of five at during eighties.

I've learned how to write software code since then. By the time I got to make many things on my own.

It was my dream to become an inventor.

Wnen I joined instructables was a great leap in my career as a maker.

I found it very motivating to make things and post them to the community.

I've learned about new things such as Arduino and Wind Turbines.

Then recently I came to the idea of publishing my first book we on Amazon.

The book was a success and was followed by many other books.

I'm so grateful for my parents for teaching me all what I came to be.

I'm so happy that I could do somelatest thing useful to the world.

And I'm so happy to be writing this post for you now.

And I'm really proud to have you reading my story on this blog. 

Thanks for reading. I'd like to hear from you soon..

My latest book on Amazon ..
Backyard Wind Turbines

Friday, November 17, 2017

The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future : Book Review

I've just finished today the reading of this great inspiring book:

The $100 Startup: By Chris Guillebeau Book review

The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future

From the author who traveled the world in ten years and interviewed hundreds of people who had the braveness to pursue their dreams.

The book gives examples of many people who have decided - or even went by accident - to the situation of having a simple product they can offer to the world, then after they've got their first sale they knew they had something special in their lives.

Do what you love

The book has a clear message to the reader :

Do what you love. You can grow then grow a business or get to your target of freedom.

Either you are a designer, a teacher or even love to cook something, do whatever you love and keep doing it. Keep in mind that you will get to your target by doing it.

Advises are not always good

The other message I got from this book is:

Advises are not always good. Some advises are just bad in nature.

One of the people who has been interviewed in the book says:

Most people don't have their own businesses. And a significant percentage of them don't like the idea of you getting out from the nine-to-five daily job life they have.

Unlike many books on entrepreneurship, this book takes you to the point by showing hundreds of live examples from real-life entrepreneurs who went through the way.

You don't have to get into dept

You don't need to start with big investment. There is no need to get in dept or get a big part from your life savings just to start your own business.

Many people interviewed in this book has just started with about $100 or a little more.

Start as early as you can

You can stand still in the point of analysis and planning forever. But it's better that you take quick actions towards what you love and benefit from.

About my experience

I've completed the book in eight days. I've been reading it and also listening to it through the TTS Text-to-Speech software on my cellphone which has been my dream for years and now it has been fulfilled by using Android Software.

You can also listen to it for free on Audible using the free trial that allows you to listen to two audio books for free on Audible.

The next book I've started is a new book from the same author Chris Guillebeau

Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Happiness of Pursuit book review

The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life : Chris Guillebeau

Just finished reading that book for Chris Guillebeau

That book gives many examples of people who wanted to take the quest of their lives.

A man who wanted to go across The USA on foot and a woman who wanted to see as many birds as she could are some examples.

The author, Chris Guillebeau , who had his own quest of travelling the whole world (193 countries) in ten years has seen many of those people.

The book is very inspiring and easy to read. After you finish it, you will definitely have that feeling of looking for your own life quest.

You may dob't want to travel the world or go to your country on foot, but you may want to find your own adventure.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Philips HF3520 Wake Up Light review 2018

This submit is a bit off the beaten song, however this is I’ve attempted That and i'm attempting some thing new. However first, i have a confession.

I hate wintry weather.
I don’t do winter. The cold. The snow. The regular gray skies. Gah, I want no components of it. so much so, that I spent a whole day closing month planning to move to Australia for the following couple of months. I regarded into plane tickets, twin citizenship or even picked out some fine searching actual estate close to a seaside.

Pipe goals of direction, however man do I hate winter. It doesn’t assist that I live in Pittsburgh both. It snows frequently and the overcast is relentless. I want I could hibernate to be pretty honest.

The mornings are the worst. My mattress is equipped with a heated mattress cover and a really heavy down comforter. It’s my personal little cocoon that I try and spend as a good deal time in as possible. As you could imagine, getting away from bed each morning is pretty the struggle and i wanted a solution.

some weeks ago i used to be studying an editorial on mild therapy and the way you could use positive lighting fixtures to simulate daylight and improve your mood. these lights are widely used to help deal with Seasonal Affective disorder and assist adjust dozing patterns. the thing had briefly mentioned “awaken lighting fixtures” and the way they can be effective in supporting people wake up inside the morning.

basically, there are alarm clocks which characteristic brilliant lighting fixtures to help ease the wake-up system. The alarm clocks gradually get brighter as they near your set alarm time efficiently simulating a sunrise. Your alarm is going off and also you wake up to a completely lit bed room and an energized frame.

This piqued my interest on the grounds that I refuse to do winter and i set out to strive any such wake-up lighting fixtures. If there’s a light out there that could help me address winter mornings, i am going to apply it.

Input the Philips HF3520 Wake-up mild
I began purchasing around, comparing unique fashions, and studying purchaser opinions. The model I in the end settled on is a Philips HF3520 Wake-up light.

Philips HF3520 Philips HF3520
it's miles an alarm clock. you put a time for an alarm to move off; but, approximately half-hour before the alarm sounds, the light kicks on and gradually receives brighter. It reaches its full brightness simply as your alarm sounds. you have got 3 options to wake up to: music, chirping birds, or a more traditional, albeit much less stressful, alarm tone. Your frame is subconsciously adjusting to “growing sun” providing you with a far better wake up revel in.

I selected this version largely due to the reviews and the price. One feature that sincerely stood out was the user replaceable light bulb. a variety of different models required you to ship the alarm clock in to update the bulb if it ever burnt out. That sounded absolutely unacceptable. It’s changing a mild bulb for crying out loud. I shouldn’t ought to ship the alarm clock away to exchange a bulb. The truth that I could service this model myself sealed the deal for me.

I placed my order and said good-bye to my old alarm clock. That night, I went to mattress skeptical, but woke up energized. It become quite extremely good. I didn’t should struggle to get out of bed or good buy with the clock for extra time. The birds chirped, I woke up to a very lit room, and that i sat up equipped to head.

It’s just one of these higher and extra excellent way to wake up every morning. My ordinary morning used to encompass a god lousy high-pitched beeping to scare the hell out of me in hopes of waking up. This commonly accompanied by means of at the least 45 minutes of urgent the snooze button and listening to the siren burst off each 5 mins. once I ultimately convinced myself to get out of bed, I’d plod my manner over to the coffee pot and contemplate going back to sleep for some greater hours. It was a battle every and every morning.

Now my awaken system is fantastic. I awaken to a fully light room and birds chirping. My eyes pop proper open and i’m able to get off the bed while not having to feign sleep for almost an hour. I still make my manner to the espresso pot, but with a spring in my step and a track in my coronary heart.

okay, that’s a chunk plenty.

however in all honesty, I feel a whole lot extra wakeful whilst i use the wake-up mild and feature a much extra wonderful mood throughout the day.  that great heavy eyelid feeling you get every morning? nicely, I haven’t felt that at all considering the fact that using the wake-up light.

iciness mornings have subsequently emerge as bearable.

the largest disadvantage is the charge. I spent $ninety on my Philips wake up light. That’s a tad high-priced for an alarm clock. but, that is going to be some thing that i use on a daily foundation for future years. It facilitates me awaken better each morning, helps me cognizance on work less complicated, and has normally progressed my mood. For me, it's far properly worth the rate. i would gladly buy it again and am absolutely satisfied with my buy.

in case you’re like me and warfare with the mornings, I particularly recommend attempting out the Philips HF3520 Wake-Up light. you could check it out at by means of clicking here. It comes with a forty five-day money-returned guarantee. if you attempt it and don’t see any consequences, go back it! I started seeing results after my first night time with it.

 This baby isn’t going everywhere. It might not be Australia for the winter, however it positive does assist.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

مسابقة نانوريمو للكتابة

هي ليست مسابقة بالمعنى المفهوم ولكنها تحد للكتابة 

Image result for nanowrimo

هذا التحدي يبدأ من أول شهر نوفمبر من كل عام ويستمر لمدة شهر كامل

قرأت عنه العام الماضي ولم أكن أتوقع مجرد التفكير في المشاركة فيه لعدة أسباب

أولاً : على الرغم من حبي الشديد للقراءة والكتابة وعلى الرغم من نشري عدة كتب للبيع على الإنترنت إلا إنني لازلت لا أعتبر نفسي كاتباً محترفاً

ولازلت أشعر أنني بحاجة شديدة للتدرب أكثر على الكتابة والتعلم الفعال للطرق الحرفية للكتابة

ولم أكن أتوقع استطاعتي إكمال الحصة اليومية من الكتابة والتي تتطلب منك كتابة 1667 كلمة يومياً على الأقل لكي تتمكن من إكمال التحدي الشهري وهو 50000 بنهاية آخر الشهر

ثانياً: وهو أنني لم أكن أتخيل نفسي أكتب رواية (وهو الغرض الأساسي من التحدي) ولم أكن مقتنعاً بقضاء الكثير من وقتي في قراءة رواية تعتبر من نتاج عقل أحد الأشخاص وليست موضوعاً علمياً أو أحد الحقائق أو الدراسات البحثية

ولكنني مؤخراً أدركت من خلال تعاملي مع الأطفال أن النفس البشرية كالأطفال تماماً . وأنه كما أن أسهل الطرق لتعليم الأطفال هي من خلال القصص المفيدة فإن من أسهل الطرق لتعليم الكبار هي الروايات أو القصص البناءة ذات الهدف والمغزى المفيد

ولدهشتي وسعادتي الشديدتين فإنني أواظب في هذه الأيام على إنجاز الحصة اليومية من الكتابة 

وعلى الرغم من عدم سهولة الموضوع بصورة مطلقة إلا أنه ليس بالأمر الصعب أو المستحيل ولكنه يتطلب تنظيماً وإستغلالاً أفضل للوقت وهذا ما قد يستفيده الإنسان من خلال هذه التجربة

وقد شعرت بالفرق في نفسي خلال هذه الأيام التي استطعت فيها تنظيم وقتي والعمل على تحديد أهدافي وأولوياتي جيداً وهذا ما أرغب في الحفاظ عليه بعد نهاية هذه التجربة بإن الله

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Born for This - A book I recently finished

I've just finished reading that interesting book for Chris Guillebeau : 

Born for This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do

How to find the work you have been born for. It's either a job, freelance project or a business. It may be also a goal or a target.

The book shows you some examples of people from around the world who have found their target and got the job they have been born for.

Employees, freelancers, CEOs or Roaming Entrepreneurs. All those people who tried to look for their dream jobs and found them.

You may even be a full time employee but still have a side business that can be your Side Hustle or your own small business.