Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The 1001 Daily Ranger Method

The 1001 Daily Ranger Method

This is my version of the Chain Method which consists on the analogy that makes you feel your daily productive and challenging tasks as if they hooked up as a chain. As you maintain your daily productive activities you need to keep the chain connected.

I was introduced to the idea of the Chain Method from Cal Newport by his book Deep Work I finished last month.

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Today I remembered how I managed to keep going in the NaNoWriMo challenge last November for six days in a row. I then thought that I could manage to make writing on demand just as simple as I could think about it. I admit that I still have the ability to write on will but the fact that makes you feeling the commitment to write every day is what makes you actually write for every day.

On the seventh day I quit the challenge for the feeling of laziness and with the feeling of confident to be able to come back at any time for it.

Reading about the deliberate practice and great performers who could achieve the largest ranks in their fields using I motivated me to apply deliberate practice to writing field to enhance my ability to write.

Since I already applied the concept without even knowing anything about it on many times, I am now ready to start applying it on a more solid land.

I remember when I decided to write every day and how it helped me enhance my writing capabilities in both Arabic and English languages.

The only problem that I get to doing something for a while, feel the happiness of being able to do it, celebrate that feeling then just quitting it before reaping the fruits of my success if I just could be more consistent on what I am doing.

Just as in the NaNoWriMo challenge I made last November for only six days, I was completely convinced that I could do the same action and have the same results at any time I like to.

But the reality is that you never make it to do something unless you feel urged to do. Challenge makes keeps you being motivated to your highest levels of performance.

Chris Guillebeau, James Clear and many other writers state it. You need to have a stable schedule for writing. 

You must NOT depend on the bursts of feeling creative of motivated. Waves of inspiration should NOT be your main source of productivity.

Professionals have a schedule while amateurs rely on coincidences of life to motivate and inspire them and then get them to produce what they are to produce.

Then I thought to myself that the first action I should make to practice deliberately is to start writing daily with a preset goal of works.

Chris Guillebeau makes writing thousand words a day his primary goal. While James Clear makes his schedule to be posting a new blog post every Monday and Thursday.

Yesterday it became to my mind: if I could write 1600 words a day for six days on a row in last November why don’t I just start it again. 

And I know, as every time I say to myself: this is going to last for long time but this doesn’t happen. I quit quickly after I see any light in the process and celebrate.

But what I told myself this time is that I wanted to record how much I can write eve day and keep with it. While monitoring how much I can keep the whole process each month.

I mean than if I start on the beginning of the month how much will I be able to keep my words to myself and to all my audience and write those 1000 words daily?

The best time to plant a tree was a twenty years ago. The second best time to do it is today…
So instead of waiting to the beginning of the new month I’ve decided to start writing today and keep record of my progress just as NaNoWriMo did for me on the November.

I really enjoy writing a lot. I’ve heard that deliberate practice is mind consuming process and it can get painfull sometimes.

And that’s exactly what happens to me while writing or at any other field of practice.

Just monitor yourself and keep tracking what you do mindfully. You may enjoy doing something as a hobby or a side gig.

But if you want to elevate it to the next level of professionality, you need to do it on a schedule not when you are like to do it.

Think of it as a work. 

You deal with your daily job in this way. Just ask yourself: If I got up every morning and wondered what I will do today. Will I go to work or I’m not going this day. I feel like not in the mood for it.

Does this really happen?

On the contrary, you get up every morning even if you have a bad mood or even if you feel sick or tired. Wash you face and get yourself to the road to catch up with your daily job.

Why don’t just apply this approach to your side gig or hobby to take it to the next level?
Do you really mean to make something professional or you know that you want to keep it as a hobby?

You need to be clear and honest to yourself 
If you want to keep it as a hobby that’s fine, keep it that way. But if you want to shift to be a professional in a specific filed you’ve got to act just the same way you do with your job.

Work for yourself as much or more as you work for your boss
Only if you work for yourself and the thing you are capable of here is where you can find the outcome you are expecting. Failure to do so makes you trapped in the circle of misery.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

How I became to read about Neuroscience : Neuroscience for Dummies, Book Review

I couldn't imagine myself reading about such complex subject as Neuroscience. But I guess it all happened by coincidence.

How it all came just by coincidence

Just after I started reading about Self-Help and Self-Development I found many books that deals with peak performance and how it's not at any way related to talent and gifted minds.

The Secret Revealed

And here it all came from. I found that nearly all books talking about one single thing that is the secret of all peak performers and world achievers.

Deliberate practice and Myelination

That secret was revealed by researchers who have studied world class performers in all fields throughout their different stages of carrier advancement.

Then came Neuroscience to the view revealing the magic touch of practice on the brain that can actually change its structure through learning and experience.

Huge Technical Knowledge Using Simple Language

That book that gives not only technical information about parts of the Nervous System and the Human Brain in particular, but also gives you details about how the brain does what it does. 

Starting from the simplest tasks ending with the highest operations like thinking, consciousness and cognition.

Image result for Neuroplasticity

The Truth About The Brain And Its Structure

The brain has more brain connections(synapses) than what it has of brain cells(neurons). And regarding Synaptic Plasticity is what makes that brain so dynamic.

There are about 20,000 genome that describe all parts of the human body but it does not describe how those 100 Billion neurons connect together making that complex structure(the brain).

Image result for Neuroplasticity

A topic that every human must be informed about

I think that Neuroplasticity and Synaptic Plasticity is a topic that must be told to every person to enhance the human performance and learning.

Thank you for reading.....

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Monday, January 15, 2018

My favorite hobby

My favorite hobby

The best thing I spend my time doing and the thing that makes me happy the most is the feeling I get when I know that I’ve done something useful in my day.

Reading The Holy Quran everyday makes my day blessed at the morning and throughout all the day.

Reading books about productivity and self-development that makes my life better.
Writing about my thoughts and keeping my mind clear and ready for positive thoughts.
Working out (walking or running) to smell the fresh air and fill my cells with positive energy and active ions.

Spending quality time with my family and having good memories with them and making every one of them happier.

Finding smart people who I can learn from them and enjoy being with them.

Making the slightest change in my mindset that can drive me towards success and fulfillment.

Leaving a positive change in the world.

I can say without any exaggeration that I would like to spend my whole life doing such things that can keep me happy for the rest of my life.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Neuroscience for Dummies

Today I started reading a new book that I want to get many ideas and insights from as much as I can.

Neuroscience for Dummies ... 

I'm being fascinated with that science those days. I must admit it. Just since I completed that book: 

The Brian that changes itself  and I felt that Neuroscience is an essential knowledge for every human.

The information I got today is a fact that I might have heard about it on other books, but that book made it clear today... Brain has more neural connection that neural cells.

We think and feel using those neural cells (Neurons). And our actual behavior and actions are the result of computations based on networks from those cells.

This means that the connections between those cells are much larger that the cells itself. 

And since those connections are dynamically changing according to what the human is doing or feeling, then it means that the majority of the human brain is being continuously changing according to his behaviors and feelings.

That's called Neuroplasticity...

Thank you for reading.....

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Friday, January 5, 2018

The Magic of Practice : How we see people in Action

The external view of a person practicing some skill is magical to audience.

Normal Skills of some people seem as Magical Skills to others

You may recall when you saw that guy at the restaurant who could simply memorize all your orders including side dishes, salads and soap for all your family members’ dinner. 

How did you feel when you saw him taking the order and repeat it once after you say it and hopefully you get what you actually ordered?

You sure had that same feeling many times when you have watched other people at different jobs and passions. Pilots, surgeons, clerks, accountants, tennis players and many other examples.

You may look magical to others too

Even you may have been looked upon by others who may see you for the first time and watch what you do for living or as a hobby. 

They may not believe what they see with their eyes at first, but after they are acquainted with what you do or after you explain the details for them they get the understanding that it’s completely normal. 

They would think that you are only doing your job or your hobby.

That way of thinking can happen to you at any field of practice you may notice for the first time. Also you may come to meet people who do simple or ordinary jobs but they do it with extraordinary set of skills.

Niccolò Paganini.

I’ve been always thinking of this way of magical-like practice of ordinary people at their ordinary jobs. But the idea was concluded in my mind when I came across the story of Niccolò Paganini.

The story told about him can be thought of as purely magic even for the people who have seen it with their own eyes at the time it happened.

In one event, he was performing and three strings failed under pressure of his hand. Paganini could play the violin with only one string as good plays it with the four strings.

That was the famous story that all people know it. The infamous story has been told by Paganini himself that he has been asked to perform on a violin with only one string. 

This gave him the ability to deeply practice something that looked completely magical to people having no knowledge about his practice. 

The only reasonable explanation we all have is that he must have had this innate talent that extraordinary people only have.

Magic for the rest of us

I believe that every one of us – the humans – has that kind of secret and so specific talent in one of the skills and he can reach the world top expert level if only he could invest time and devotion into it.

Now it's your turn to just look for the thing you can convince yourself that you are gifted in and then start to devote the time and effort to it.

Thank you for reading.....

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Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise ... book review

Today I've finished that book in a raw of books I keep reading about talent, peak performance and skills.

Everyday I go more believing that talent is not the real issue behind some people being 
extraordinarily successful at some field.

The real factor that makes some people excel at their field is the deliberate practice.

Deliberate Practice vs Naive Practice

It's not just how much you do practice. It's actually how you practice it. Remember that keeping repeating the same thing over and over is a naive practice.

I believe that practicing and commitment are the real major factors for success. The inner discipline and motivation matter of how you commit to your passion.

But what can make you devote time and effort to a single skill and keep you focused attention?

It begins with inner motivation and maybe that inner motivation can have external sources like praise from parents, teachers or pear group.

Some people may seem a little bit better at playing Chess or in Mathematics. They feel personal accomplished when they know they are better at that skill. So they keep their focus on training until they reach higher levels of expertise in that field.

You can see the other side of that truth. Some studies have been made on some Chess players that found that some players are better than others just because the better players have a little bit IQ levels.

This means that a lower IQ may be a driving force for some people to do their best to excel.

I've finished the last year by reading the Flow book, and just started that year by completing this book the Peak..

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Geniuses are Made not Born : László Polgár Experiment

Today I read about László Polgár Experiment in the book Peak from Andres Ericsson.

Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise by [Ericsson, Anders, Pool, Robert]

He wrote about László Polgár Experiment and how he made this historical experiment of making his daughters chess geniuses.

He wrote about his three daughters and how he raised them to be the women in the world in the field of Chess.

Also I made today a very useful and productive experiment with my kids.

I wanted to entertain them, spend some valuable time with them, educate them and to create some good content to be a book for kids.

I started building some simple electronic circuits with them that showed them the principles of electricity and electronics. They loved it very much.

I felt like doing something that was both interesting for me and joyful for them.

I always like doing such things with my kids that keep them entertained while  spend good time with them without feeling like anything bored.

Thank you for reading.....

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New year's Resolutions Effect

Today I continued reading the book I started Peak for the expert professional Andres Ericsson.

New year's Resolutions Effect

The book talks about the New year's Resolutions Effect. It's the effect that makes gyms crowded with new people hoping to start a new year with a new hobby that may change their lives forever. They actually want to have that sportive lifestyle to keep their bodies fit.

That effect only lasts during the first few days in January. Most of those people return to their old way of living. They just let life drive them as it gets.

Achievers Don't Let Themselves waiting for inspiration or casual motivation

But what I've learned about achievers is that they don't let life get into their ways. Top performers don't just let their productive times come by accident. They don't rely on inspiration and waves of casual motivation.

Achievers have consistent scheduled of productive times.

I've noticed that when I commit myself to a timed schedule that I can keep for many days I can get many visits to my blogs and then many sales of my books.

I don't know and sure I cannot tell if it's only a coincidence that I feel real. But I can find many sales and blog views after I keep my posting schedule for some days.

The Brain Loves Causality and Feedback

I know that my brain does. And I'm sure that most people's brains do too. If only you can find some metrics of what can work better for you and get the results that you need. So you can just stick to them.

That's all for today. My advise for you is that you must not have this New year's Resolutions Effect.

Thank you for reading.....

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Mind Mapping Software For Writers

I've been reading the book "Peak" of deliberate practice from the writer Andres Ericsson. The writer has been considering the term mental representation.

He talked about using this concept for book writing. I've been thinking about this concept of writing a book of a complete structured idea. The Mental Representation is exactly what I've been looking for.

I thought of a concept that I knew before that can help make a good visual image for mental representation which is Mind Mapping.

I made a quick search on the web to look for Mind Mapping Software For Writers.

Free Diagram & Flowchart Software for Drawing, Creation & Visualization [Download]

I found a free Mind Mapping Software on Amazon that cab be downloaded and run on a PC for free.

The software is called ClickCharts from NCH company.

This is a screen shot of the program.