Tuesday, February 26, 2019

When your mind amazes you, be ready to be amazed

Today I’ve discovered something that has really amazed me. I’ve bought a new computer that has an English keyboard layout and doesn’t have Arabic letter printed on it.

First when I bought this computer, I didn’t bother about it a lot. I loved the keyboard button buttons and I thought I would get a virtual keyboard software to help me write in Arabic.

But today I wanted to write in Arabic on this new computer and I just started immediately. I just started that without thinking or remembering that my keyboard doesn’t have Arabic letters.

I only realized that after I already started typing on the keyboard.

I remembered this problem and thought that I would run the virtual keyboard. But what happened has just amazed me and made me eager to give it a try.

I found that my fingers knew positions of Arabic letters without looking at the physical keyboard.

Most writers can write without looking at the keyboard. I didn’t believe that I could be one of those people.

I’ve seen some progress in my typing speed and accuracy as days pass. But I couldn’t believe that I could fully type without looking at the keyboard.

And now this was the real test for me. As I started typing on the keyboard with letters other than that layout, I already have I realized how my brain amazed me.

At the beginning I couldn’t find all the letters accurately. But my feeling that I knew where the letters on the keyboard has encouraged me to continue and write all that I want.

Through trial and error, I could manage to complete the post I wanted to make, and I’ve been amazed.

The point here is that you can be amazed with what your own brain can do. Someday when you find that you can do something that you didn’t expect you could do, here when you’d be amazed.

Keep learning and practicing all the time. Just as you grow your muscles, Neuroplasticity will continue to shape your brain according to the skills you keep practicing.

Focus is the right word for success. You need to focus on the skill you need to master.

Keep doing and get ready to be amazed.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Reality Is Not What It Seems - Carlo Rovelli Book Review

Einstein has sent four articles to the der - --- - which has been considered as the most important physics entity in the time.

The first article was about the proving the existence of atoms. It was proved by the Brownian movement in fluids.

When we notice the fluids as they move when we mix two fluids like water and milk together. Or when we notice the movement of dust particles moving in the air. We can see this type of movement.

This movement has made the prove for existence of atoms possible. Einstein also has calculated the radius of atoms from this movement.

The second paper was the stone for the Special Theory of Relativity.

And the third article was the seed for Quantum Mechanics. As Einstein concluded that light is made of photons of energy. And this what causes the photoelectric effect.

The fourth paper is the relation between matter and energy. The famous equation E = m.c2 

In this book, the author confirms one main idea. Which is in the heart of scientific thinking there must be a deep sense of uncertainty.

It's that doubt that motivates scientists to search and examine the unknown.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Fabric of The Cosmos: Brian Greene - Book Review

I've just finished reading this book. I liked it very much.

The reader has made its complex subjects so simple and understandable in simple English.

You don't need to be a Theoretical Physicist to under stand those subjects I've really wanted to know about but I've been afraid of dealing with hard Mathematics.

Subjects like Special and General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Space-time, Super String Theory and much more have been subjects kept me interested in science since I was a child.

And now I read about them all and understand everything thoroughly.

And I find more about things like Black-holes, Dark-matter and Casimir Effect very simple to understand.

The book has also made some ideas clear for me.

Something like the big-bang theory that didn't study the beginning of the universe but instead it's a theory that describes the moment after the explosion that started the universe.

Casimir Effect which has been unknown to me found to be the gravitational force generated between two plates that have small gap between them due to the Quantum Jitters in the filed between them.

Also I've known for the first time that the Super String Theory is the physicist's effort to make a uniform theory.

I've known for a long time that science has been searching for such a theory for many years but now I found that Einstein himself was the first one to search for such a theory. And that is String Theory was the effort for this search.

I have to admit that this book has fueled my enthusiasm to deep scientific reading again. Although it's not that deep. I have to say that its simple English and common language makes it perfect for non specialists to get the right idea about subject they are interested in.

That's why I totally recommend this book.