Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Book of Awesome Book review

I first read some of this book contents and found that they represent the author's internal experience and emotions about happiness.

I thought that every one of us has his own view of the world and so he or she can make his own version of happiness as he decides.

That's all true of course. And that's why I didn't wanted to start reading the book right away. But suddenly I found the preface and thought that it's what makes your brain change.

I believe that all what we do and how we look is the result of our continuous actions.

So if we continuously focus on good things in our lives, we tend to get better.

So I gave it a shot and read the whole book.

And then I noticed a sudden change in my mood. I found that I could focus on some simple things that could make me feel happier.

It's just that feeling of being happier that made me feeling better and more optimistic.

And suddenly I remembered something I need to do. I went to the ATM to find out that I had the money I waited to receive.

My positive thinking didn't cause the money to come to the ATM of course. But it's that kind of thinking that made me able to try to see the card inside the ATM and I found that I received the money.

When I continued reading I realized how writing those words has affected the author's mind.

I remember trying something similar. I've decided from a long time ago to start writing every good thing or idea I find interesting or useful.

That decision has transformed my character and improved my ability to see better opportunities in life.

And after a while I started reading what I wrote and found how lucky I was to do so.

I encourage you to read that book and also try to write your own. It's not just about writing. It's about changing your mind toward a better state of seeing beauty in every moment.

Now that I finished this book, I've decided to take a new book from the author and let it be my next book to read.

Today I've started reading the book: The Happiness Equation 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Escape from the cubicle nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur

From the Escape from the cubicle nation.

You need to find your inner tiger and unleash it.

Everyone of us has some tiger lying down and waiting to be unleashed. Our modern lives keep that tiger from being free.

Freedom of this tiger doesn't mean to be harmful or weird. It only means that each one of us has his or her unique self. And we don't have to live as puppets made out of the same mold.

We don't have to go to the same track of education, work and living that we think it's the normal kind of live.

You don't have to be a freak to be yourself, but you need to be yourself.

In order to be the best to your customers, you need first to know them, define them and know their exacts needs to help them.

Helping is not a general term. Helping people is about solving their problems.

When you say to someone, I'm going to change your life to the better you are not helping him.

But when you define the exact thing to help him like:
"I'm going to help you quit smoking", "I'm going to help you lose wight" or "My mission is to help you grow your business". That's the kind of help you need to give to your customers.

I had lots of good information from the book. For Example, one good piece of information I realized at the end of the book was that in business world, It's better to focus on the cash flow rather than profit.

While it's important to care for profit, it's also important to focus on the cash flow at the first place.

Now, I've started reading a new book. The Book of Awesome.

For the first look, I found that book a little bit strange or not worth reading. I realized how wrong I was.

The author had one idea in his mind, it was focusing on casual things that happen to us everyday but can make us feel special.

With the noise we suffer in our daily lives we can forget how those things are awesome.

In fact I've done something similar back in 2009 when I started to record my positive thoughts about my daily life.

After I decided to think this way, I managed to find awesomeness in life in general and I continued reading this book.

Monday, March 4, 2019

How to Blog a Book : Write, Publish, and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time Book Review

Today I finished reading this useful book, How to Blog a Book : Write, Publish, and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time for Nina Amir.

From the founder of the National Nonfiction Writing Month. This is the Nonfiction version of the November challenge to write a book that holds each year.

The book is inspiring and educational.

It's about how you can write your book while writing a blog and then land a book contract with a traditional publisher or choose to self publish your book.

It gets you from the idea, book planning, business plan, book proposal, writing, blogging and marketing process to simple technical blogging knowledge for writers.

For example, some information like metrics, hits and blog visitor may be unknown for most writers while they are clear for bloggers.

Whether you are a blogger who wants to publish a book or you are an aspiring writer who wants to start the writing carrier, this book is for you.

For most of the success stories about bloggers who turned their blogs into books, success was a product of some factors:

Blogging on what you really love.
Focusing on a fine small niche.

The writer makes a simple success formula, you need to keep writing on what you love on a daily basis.

Writing a post of 300 words on average can get you about 110,000 words which makes about two books.

My personal experience with blogging and content has began from 2008.

I've always wanted to write and express my thoughts to the world. So I started writing my thoughts and experiments consistently.

I've been also interested in writing about technical subjects like wind energy and embedded systems.

And then I found myself writing easily. So I decided to self publish my books by converting content from my blogs into books and adding new content to it.

You can give it a try and read this book to get you in the mood of writing and publishing.

Now I've started to read a new book mentioned in this book as a blog turned into a successful best selling book. This book is titled:

Escape from cubicle nation.