Thursday, May 30, 2019

My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla Book Review

Today I've just finished reading this book My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla Book Review.

First I thought the book would be of a technical nature. But as read, I found that Tesla mentions his personal life with some technical examples of inventions and situations.

At the beginning of the book, Tesla mentions his older brother. And then he mentions his suffering with Synesthesia.

The the book continues to his education and readings.

It is worth to mention that Tesla viewed the way his parents had influenced his character.

He had mentioned many of his inventions. What I really want to know the real practical application for each one of his inventions.

It's the fact that this man has created many useful inventions, many of them are used today and many aren't know to most of us.

When you see those many ideas and applications you can really feel motivated to read about them all and know exactly how do they are used today.

Also there is in one part of the book he mentions the spiritual part of his life. This part is not clear.

One reason for this is the old language of the book and another reason is the mysterious nature of his character.

Anyway, the book is a quick guide for his life and inventions and it's worth to read.

Now that I've finished this book, I'll start a new book called Psycho Cybernetics.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

DIY Tomato Gardening at home - Seeds to the Fruit

In this post, I'll share with you how I made my small Tomato garden in the my balcony.

Here I 'll show you how to grow Tomato indoors starting from seeds right up to the grown fruits.

Container and Peat Moss

Tomato Seeds

Get a suitable soil container. I got a couple of 50 cm wide container. 

Fill it with soil. Here I used peat moss as soil. You can also just get some soil from anywhere you can.

Get the Tomato seeds from an ordinary Tomato fruit you eat every day. The single Tomato fruit contains many seeds inside it.

Put the seeds inside the soil and water them with suitable amount of water.

Don't put too much water above the soil so it looks as if it was drowned.

Just enough water to keep the soil wet.

The best thing in Tomato gardening is that you can see the plant growing fast.

I got some green leaves out of the soil just after a few days when I planted the seeds.

Keep watering the soil every day.

In the hot days you may need to water them twice a day to keep the soil wet and plants happy.

The best time to water the plants is in the early morning. But if you couldn't do this just do it as soon as you can.

If you intend to travel for a couple of days you may consider leaving the plants with someone who takes care of them or you can use a simple automatic irrigation system or an unattended irrigation system.

The most simple unattended irrigation system is simply a plastic bottle filled with water and holed at the bottom so that water can drop automatically on the soil and keep it wet.

You can find many ideas of such thing on . Just search for " self watering " or another words give that the same meaning.

Just remember to keep the soil wet to keep your Tomato alive and healthy.

After 3 months you can see yellow flowers from your plants.

After four to five months you can see you first Tomato fruit coming out of a flower.

It starts growing from small size you can hardly notice and keeps getting bigger to get the size of the normal Tomato.

When it gets its normal size, it is still green colored.

The fruit color keeps changing slowly from green to orange to dark red.

The fruit changes from being so hard to get softer.

When it gets soft enough, you can eat it.

Here are some tips:

- Keep watering the soil every day . Don't let the soil be dry. This can harm the plants.

- Don't put too much water on the soil. Too much water can also harm the plants.

- Don't panic if you found some yellow leaves in the plant. Some leaves may get the yellow color when the plant gets older or after a very hot day. You may remove yellow leaves as they are not useful for plant growth.

- Carefully look at your small garden every day and watch the changes in the plants. You can find some fruits that have grown up without your notice.

- You may find some white insects on the leaves and the twigs. You must remove them because they are harmful to the plant and make leaves get yellow more often.

Happy Tomato Gardening.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Neuro-linguistic Programming For Dummies: by Romilla Ready , Kate Burton

In this book, you can find all about the NLP techniques that make you understand how you are thinking, how you can handle your mind and how you can deal with others.

You can think of NLP as the practical manual for your brain.

How you can communicate with yourself and how you can communicate effectively with others.

An important concept I learned from the book is 'The Map Is Not The Territory'. It means that we all have that mental representation of the world around us. This mental representation is influenced by our previous experiences and believes. It's also augmented by our present needs.  That means that what we might know about something in the world is not what it is actually in reality.

While the book emphasizes the NLP concept of 'The Map is Not The Territory' it point to a clear fact that the brain makes spacial maps to everything including abstract concepts. The brain even builds internal maps for the concept of time.

There is a very important fact to keep in mind that the best skill you need to have to survive and to thrive is the ability to be flexible to all situations.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Brain Decoder - Neural Brian Interface That Translates Brain Signals into Synthesized Speech

A group of researchers in the University of California has demonstrated a new technology that can transform brain signals into synthesized speech signals using neural networks.

The new technology uses a simple concept that has been adapted in previous applications. This concept uses the signals going from the brain into auditory muscles to generate normal human voice.

Instead of directly converting brain signals into speech signals, they used neural networks after training them to interpret brain signals used to drive auditory muscles and how they could generate audible sound.

This technique requires invasive electrodes implanted into the skull to get more accurate signals with the required resolution.

When I find such innovations, I get some hope for finding The Ultimate Writing Machine that could be used to convert my brain signals into written words.

Your life is a story. It's your job to make it worth telling.

Financial Freedom May Not Make You Rich But it Sure Will Make you free

Financial freedom won’t make you rich, but it sure will make you free. 

Many people start their lives trying to find work to support themselves and their families. If they are brought up in poor environment, they don’t have any options in life except to find any kind of job to help themselves.

That means they don’t have the luxury to chase their passion or to try to figure out what they like doing the most.

But on the contrary, many other people don’t have those hard situations. When they start their careers they have that motive inside their heads. They have that passion that starts with their choice for the field of study they want to specialize in.

But as the days pass and they get older things change a lot.

First, they themselves change. They lose that passion to their jobs and find that it’s only something autonomous they keep doing over and over without any spirit.

Second, and that happens with many of us is that we have that dream job we wish to get. And only when we get it we are shocked to find that it wasn’t what we have been dreaming of. 

We are shocked when we are faced with the fact that this job is just a beautiful outside decorative front for the ugly truth hiding inside. And unfortunately, that’s what most jobs are.

When I started my way toward being an entrepreneur, I started as a freelancer and I wasn’t getting paid much from simple freelancing jobs.
But I loved that feeling I got when I make those 5 dollars from my work as freelancer.

I’ve made my steps through writing and I reached a better situation when I knew the passive income concept. In which you work for some time to create your own assets and products and then with some little maintenance, you make profits even when you’re away or when you’re asleep.

Even with this concept of passive income in mind, I didn’t reach the threshold that can make me give up my active income of the daily job I have. But that delicious feeling of freedom is what keeps me alive as I continue to do that work for myself each day. 

And as I watch this private stuff I create is getting more and more popular, I feel happy and hopeful.
In fact, that was the first target from starting side gig from the first place.

Try to find your own side gig to make you happy as you pass each day of your life.