Friday, July 5, 2019

Psycho Cybernetics - A Classic Self-Help Book By Maxwell Maltz

This is a classic self-help book that emphasizes the importance of self image for the human being.

Maxwell Maltz is a Plastic Surgeon who became interested in Psychology and Self-Help.

From the author, This book is not for reading, it's for being practiced.

You need to keep practicing and taking notes. Take memos of what you understood from the book. 
And write conclusions at the end of each chapter.

The self image is the basis for being and thinking. Positive thinking doesn't always work except if it's consistent with positive self image.

What made a plastic surgeon a researcher in Psychology?

Self image is the human internal blue print. It's constructed since early childhood.

Self image is constructed through practical experience and not intellectual knowledge.

Pactical experience might sometime be harmful or even lethal. So the human can use mental visualization instead of actual practice. That's because the mind doesn't know the difference between actual reality and imagination.

Subconscious mind works in a form of a servo mechanism the follows its target until it reaches it.

The 21 days rule

You need to keep practicing guidance in this book for not less that 21 days without the intellectual criticism or judgement.

The 21 days rule comes from the fact that it's the least amount of time needed for brain to adapt to the new situation. People who have their limbs removed take about 21 days to adapt to the missing limb. And people who move to a new house take as much time to consider as home.

The book invites you to go to your mental escape room in which you can have your best time with calmness and relief.

And at the final chapters, the book teaches you how to get the winning feeling. And how to use your mental images to feel younger and happier.

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