Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think - A Short Review for A Great Book

I've just finished reading this great book for Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler.

First, I wanted to read this book to get to know about new inventions in different fields of science and innovation. But as I went through this book I've found it not just about new inventions or futuristic visions.

Instead, it's all about changing our visions of the way we look to our future and the days to come.

For example, most people - including myself - think about the near and far future as a dystopian novel starting from irreversible climate change that makes the earth less habitable place for the human kind. 

Then going through all wars for water, food and energy those lead to massive violence and destruction.

But on the contrariety, when you start reading this book you get this marvelous knowledge about new proven invention in all those fields that can help the humankind overcome their problems like climate change, energy, water and food.

It's not only about new inventions and it's not just about positive thinking. The writers take you through this journey to the near future and show you how science and visionary individuals are shaping our future to the better.

The author born the gauntlet and waited permanently things to happen to others WHO take risks with their time, their cash, their name, and presumably their lives.

At the tip of the book, you will find a neighborhood on what may fail within the aggressive society the author is trying to find.
I respect him for mentioning doable disadvantages of his future vision.

Abundance is that this radical concept exponential technologies that meet the higher than definition reverse our common notion of insufficiency.

As an example, we have a tendency to all admit oil as a scarce resource because of its tough to urge oil out of the bottom.

However, during a made future, the price of solar power and therefore the exponential technologies driving it may become therefore low that energy becomes free for everybody on.

Kotler and Diamandis show on simply 250 pages what it takes to achieve abundance.

Please check it and tell me what you think.