Monday, April 29, 2019

On how to write a million dollar post?

On how to write a million dollar post
If you’ve always wondered, what makes things get viral?

In my days of blogging, I find some stuff I write without even thinking that it might get viral or I could get much traffic from it.
But many times it happens with me.
Sometimes I make a Blog Post about something I experienced, or about some life hacks and I go to sleep and then I find hundreds of post views and comments.
And if I happen to put an affiliate link I find many people click on it. And I find many payments from the link generated from those people who bought stuff after clicking this link.
That made me wonder, what if I could find the correct formula to make a post that could generate a descent amount of money.

You may think that a million dollar is large figure. But when I searched it I found that some people could actually do it.
I found that in our lives anything starts with a question. To be specific, the most useful question is how. When you start a question with HOW you tap into the future. You start to dig inside the unknown to make known to you.
I found that when you start to ask a question like: Is it possible to do this?
Your mind will enter a doubtful state and it may quickly reply: No, it’s not possible to do it.

But if you ask the right question of: How to do this thing?
You find your mind is deliberately finding answers by creating new junctions and connections between different inputs to find the appropriate answers.

Our fears are the main reason for us not to achieve our inner desires. They keep us from making success we want from the very first moment by preventing us from taking an action. And if we take action, they try to stop us from continuing. And if we continue they start to make us self-sabotage.

You may wonder why my fears have all that determination to stop me. That’s right, sometimes you feel as if your inner fears have their own freewill that try to work hard to make you fail. And after you do fail they say to you: See? I told you from the beginning not to even think about it.
You need to stop that voice of those fears by asking the right question of How then start to take action and let your brain do the rest.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything - Neil Pasricha. Book Review

I've just finished reading this book The Happiness Equation for Neil Pasricha.

I loved it very much. I also found it easy to read and backed by science in every chapter.

For example, I got one important insight I found from it. This one is about how we need to set goals that have intrinsic rather than goals those have extrinsic sources.

I've read about this thing before. I knew about studies that prove importance of intrinsic over extrinsic motivation.

This can be found in students or athletes who have their own reasons for success or for continuous training.

But the new insight I've got from the book is that when we aim to external source of motivation, we just miss the internal motivation.

For instance, when you do something purely for passion, you do your best in it without waiting to get paid for it.

But if you do this thing only for money, the whole meaning changes.

You must realize this. Even if you do something you already love but you are focusing on the external reward, you are letting this goal affects your true performance.

The author himself has mentioned this. He mentioned that when he started his first book, he didn't care about advertisement or website traffic.

But when he started to get real traffic, he stated to get anxious about more traffic, book deals and website ranking. All those things have represented distractions for him.

It's when you create something you love you do it with passion. But after a while you start looking for income sources, cash flow and invoices.

One good insight I got from this book: we always think that it's easier said than done, the reality is that it's easier done than said.

When you start doing, you get into the doing circle, you feel like you can do it, then you love doing it and then you continue doing it.

Now I started a new book, NLP For Dummies.