Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Miracle Morning: The Not-so-obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life Before 8AM , Book by Hal Elrod - Quick Review

The Miracle Morning is a very inspiring book to read.

I've been so reluctant to read it at first because I thought to myself that it's only another self-help book that subjects the obvious thing of waking up early in the morning.

although i am a morning person and i really want to get up early everyday of my life, but my job and life style has kept me away from achieving this goal.

and that's the real reason behind me didn't start to read that book once i heard about it.

I love waking up early and i love good self help books so why couldn't i read it any way?

That's because i thought to myself that I won't be able  to practice it.

I actually work in a rotating shift and go to work in the morn g and in the middle of the night.

and that graveyard shift makes me feel so bad even if i sleep the day after it.

so i have been reluctant to read this book because i believed that it would be impossible for me to implement.

But after I read a lot of positive reviews on it in other books i decided to give it a try. decided to see what its message and see how to think about it as a normal person.

And I fount it so empowering.

the fact that you don't just need to get up early but you need to make time to work for yourself on each day of your life has touched my mind.

the idea that you need to practice the SAVERS on everyday is so brilliant.

And what time would be better to practice them better than the beginning of your new day?


I've always implemented the concept of everyday in my life, and that;s why it resonated with me,

and while you wake up early each day to practice the SAVERS, you have that motive for your life to wake up early and resist the temptation to have more sleep and to press snooze.

that charge of motivation that can make your everyday a very special day is life changing.

And I've tried many times to have a certain objective for my day to get up in the morning to practice, but after a while I leave it behind.

so i thought that this time is different. this time is having a purposeful targets to get up in the morning for them.

and fir the graveyard shift I found a chapter that mentioned people working on shifts like me. the author has mentioned that you don't need to have your miracle morning each day in the morning.

you can be flexible with that, but what you need to be committed to is the dedicated time to improve yourself.

I recommend this book for anyone who want to improve his life and change it from mediocrity to the next level.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything . . . Fast! By Josh Kaufman - A book Review

This is the book I have been reading for the last couple of days on fast skill acquisition.

I have been skeptic about the book title and how you can acquire a skill in twenty hours or less.

However, as I went through this book I found how the writer has defined himself as a multi passionate person. In addition, unlike many people he found this is a gift rather than an annoying virtue.

As the author describes himself, as he loves learning many things and that he is a passionate DIYer, he points out that he still finds this gift as a valuable way to live.

The only thing that stops him from making what he wants is that he only have limited amount of time to learn all his to do list of learning.

Also, as he had his first daughter he found how it's time demanding to be a father. Therefore, he went through the entrepreneurship way and left his corporate job to start his own business.

On his way to overcome this major problem, he has developed many strategies that helped him learn new skills faster. He has found the code of how to learn and work smarter not harder.

By analyzing the process of learning a new skill into small tasks and finding a way to perform deliberate practice, he has improved the way he learned and practiced those skills.

And by making up his mind about each skill he needs to learn he knew exactly how much he needs to learn and what is the threshold on which he can say that he has efficiently acquired that new skill.

This point is very important as you learn a new skill. If you look at it, when you learn at school or college, you start a course on some title and continue learning as you go through the specific curriculum to achieve a certain point of knowledge that makes you able to pass exams at the end of the course.

But what about skills that you need to learn on your own?
What about skills that you have decided to begin learning either because you need to learn them or because you just love to learn this new skill as a hobby.

When you set your target level on this kind of knowledge you know when to stop and how far can you go right from the beginning.

The author started the book by stating his circumstances and portraying himself as a multi passionate person.

Then he went through the process of efficient skill acquisition.

Then he started to mention his experience of learning six different skills that he wanted to learn from scratch for helping his business, for improving his lifestyle or for learning them as a new hobby he liked to learn.

The book is so informative. It is of a light style that lets you go through it without feeling bored even when mentioning technical details about each one of the skills he wanted to learn.

For me, I found some of those skills interesting that I found how I could start learning them efficiently when I decide to learn them someday.

And for other skills I'm not interested I went to read all his experiments with the process to find more interesting details about his own experience.

I believe that anyone who reads this book can feel the same for some of those skills as he finds them interesting and for those that might not be very interesting he can find the process so interesting to hear about.

In general, the book is a great read and I recommend it for acquiring new skills.

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