Monday, December 2, 2019

Gigged: The End of the Job and the Future of Work - Book Review

Today I finished reading this book Gigged: The End of the Job and the Future of Work by Sarah Kessler

First, I started to read the book because I like the subject and its impact on our lives.

The Uber for everything companies and the trend that started in about 2009.

The book started with promising and optimistic stories from people who have changed their lives to the better and took the chance into the gig economy. 

Those people who could fulfill their dream of becoming their own bosses by working at Uber, Gigster, Mturk and Handy.

But as the book continued to tell more about those people it turned to the bad sides of working on the Gig economy.

To tell you the truth, I became a little bit upset when I started to read about the bad things that those people gone through.

But then I realized that this good advantages and bad sides where both sides of the Gig Economy. 

But when you really look at it, the book is a practical criticism for real-life examples of people who have gone through that experience.

For some of them, they liked the lifestyle and the payment.

For others, they had to go through this life style because they didn't have another option.

And for all of them, the experience was empowering.

At the end of the book, I found some wisdom:
"The wealth perpetuates and the poverty also perpetuates. But also there will always be the need for new skills and new types of work.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think - A Short Review for A Great Book

I've just finished reading this great book for Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler.

First, I wanted to read this book to get to know about new inventions in different fields of science and innovation. But as I went through this book I've found it not just about new inventions or futuristic visions.

Instead, it's all about changing our visions of the way we look to our future and the days to come.

For example, most people - including myself - think about the near and far future as a dystopian novel starting from irreversible climate change that makes the earth less habitable place for the human kind. 

Then going through all wars for water, food and energy those lead to massive violence and destruction.

But on the contrariety, when you start reading this book you get this marvelous knowledge about new proven invention in all those fields that can help the humankind overcome their problems like climate change, energy, water and food.

It's not only about new inventions and it's not just about positive thinking. The writers take you through this journey to the near future and show you how science and visionary individuals are shaping our future to the better.

The author born the gauntlet and waited permanently things to happen to others WHO take risks with their time, their cash, their name, and presumably their lives.

At the tip of the book, you will find a neighborhood on what may fail within the aggressive society the author is trying to find.
I respect him for mentioning doable disadvantages of his future vision.

Abundance is that this radical concept exponential technologies that meet the higher than definition reverse our common notion of insufficiency.

As an example, we have a tendency to all admit oil as a scarce resource because of its tough to urge oil out of the bottom.

However, during a made future, the price of solar power and therefore the exponential technologies driving it may become therefore low that energy becomes free for everybody on.

Kotler and Diamandis show on simply 250 pages what it takes to achieve abundance.

Please check it and tell me what you think.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

100 Side Hustles: Unexpected Ideas for Making Extra Money Without Quitting Your Day Job Book Review - by Chris Guillebeau

Today I finished reading this book:
100 Side Hustles: Unexpected Ideas for Making Extra Money Without Quitting Your Day Job by 
Chris Guillebeau.

The book is a piece of art with cheerful layout and colorful pictures.

As for the book content, it's a quick and definite way to get you motivated to go and start your own side hustle and get your hand busy.

All the side hustles featured in the book are sourced from the Side Hustle School Podcast by Chris.

The book features many side hustles that vary between super clever and unique ideas to normal and traditional business projects and wired or unbelievable ways to make money as a side gig.

Some people mentioned in this book  

The guy who invented the backpack boat.

The guy who sells live insects for Reptiles Pets.

The collage student who runs a seven figure cleaning business.

The man who owns a museum trips guide company that worth millions of dollars.

Some people start their side hustle and wanted to keep them that way beside their daily jobs.

While others wanted to expand their gigs into a multi million dollar business and full time income.

You just can't help yourself except keep reading about those people who took the step towards their dream.

I hope you read this book and try it for yourself.

Keep me updated through your comments and feedback.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Psycho Cybernetics - A Classic Self-Help Book By Maxwell Maltz

This is a classic self-help book that emphasizes the importance of self image for the human being.

Maxwell Maltz is a Plastic Surgeon who became interested in Psychology and Self-Help.

From the author, This book is not for reading, it's for being practiced.

You need to keep practicing and taking notes. Take memos of what you understood from the book. 
And write conclusions at the end of each chapter.

The self image is the basis for being and thinking. Positive thinking doesn't always work except if it's consistent with positive self image.

What made a plastic surgeon a researcher in Psychology?

Self image is the human internal blue print. It's constructed since early childhood.

Self image is constructed through practical experience and not intellectual knowledge.

Pactical experience might sometime be harmful or even lethal. So the human can use mental visualization instead of actual practice. That's because the mind doesn't know the difference between actual reality and imagination.

Subconscious mind works in a form of a servo mechanism the follows its target until it reaches it.

The 21 days rule

You need to keep practicing guidance in this book for not less that 21 days without the intellectual criticism or judgement.

The 21 days rule comes from the fact that it's the least amount of time needed for brain to adapt to the new situation. People who have their limbs removed take about 21 days to adapt to the missing limb. And people who move to a new house take as much time to consider as home.

The book invites you to go to your mental escape room in which you can have your best time with calmness and relief.

And at the final chapters, the book teaches you how to get the winning feeling. And how to use your mental images to feel younger and happier.

And today I've started to read a new book from Chris Guillebeau

100 Side Hustles: Unexpected Ideas for Making Extra Money Without Quitting Your Day Job

Thursday, May 30, 2019

My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla Book Review

Today I've just finished reading this book My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla Book Review.

First I thought the book would be of a technical nature. But as read, I found that Tesla mentions his personal life with some technical examples of inventions and situations.

At the beginning of the book, Tesla mentions his older brother. And then he mentions his suffering with Synesthesia.

The the book continues to his education and readings.

It is worth to mention that Tesla viewed the way his parents had influenced his character.

He had mentioned many of his inventions. What I really want to know the real practical application for each one of his inventions.

It's the fact that this man has created many useful inventions, many of them are used today and many aren't know to most of us.

When you see those many ideas and applications you can really feel motivated to read about them all and know exactly how do they are used today.

Also there is in one part of the book he mentions the spiritual part of his life. This part is not clear.

One reason for this is the old language of the book and another reason is the mysterious nature of his character.

Anyway, the book is a quick guide for his life and inventions and it's worth to read.

Now that I've finished this book, I'll start a new book called Psycho Cybernetics.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

DIY Tomato Gardening at home - Seeds to the Fruit

In this post, I'll share with you how I made my small Tomato garden in the my balcony.

Here I 'll show you how to grow Tomato indoors starting from seeds right up to the grown fruits.

Container and Peat Moss

Tomato Seeds

Get a suitable soil container. I got a couple of 50 cm wide container. 

Fill it with soil. Here I used peat moss as soil. You can also just get some soil from anywhere you can.

Get the Tomato seeds from an ordinary Tomato fruit you eat every day. The single Tomato fruit contains many seeds inside it.

Put the seeds inside the soil and water them with suitable amount of water.

Don't put too much water above the soil so it looks as if it was drowned.

Just enough water to keep the soil wet.

The best thing in Tomato gardening is that you can see the plant growing fast.

I got some green leaves out of the soil just after a few days when I planted the seeds.

Keep watering the soil every day.

In the hot days you may need to water them twice a day to keep the soil wet and plants happy.

The best time to water the plants is in the early morning. But if you couldn't do this just do it as soon as you can.

If you intend to travel for a couple of days you may consider leaving the plants with someone who takes care of them or you can use a simple automatic irrigation system or an unattended irrigation system.

The most simple unattended irrigation system is simply a plastic bottle filled with water and holed at the bottom so that water can drop automatically on the soil and keep it wet.

You can find many ideas of such thing on . Just search for " self watering " or another words give that the same meaning.

Just remember to keep the soil wet to keep your Tomato alive and healthy.

After 3 months you can see yellow flowers from your plants.

After four to five months you can see you first Tomato fruit coming out of a flower.

It starts growing from small size you can hardly notice and keeps getting bigger to get the size of the normal Tomato.

When it gets its normal size, it is still green colored.

The fruit color keeps changing slowly from green to orange to dark red.

The fruit changes from being so hard to get softer.

When it gets soft enough, you can eat it.

Here are some tips:

- Keep watering the soil every day . Don't let the soil be dry. This can harm the plants.

- Don't put too much water on the soil. Too much water can also harm the plants.

- Don't panic if you found some yellow leaves in the plant. Some leaves may get the yellow color when the plant gets older or after a very hot day. You may remove yellow leaves as they are not useful for plant growth.

- Carefully look at your small garden every day and watch the changes in the plants. You can find some fruits that have grown up without your notice.

- You may find some white insects on the leaves and the twigs. You must remove them because they are harmful to the plant and make leaves get yellow more often.

Happy Tomato Gardening.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Neuro-linguistic Programming For Dummies: by Romilla Ready , Kate Burton

In this book, you can find all about the NLP techniques that make you understand how you are thinking, how you can handle your mind and how you can deal with others.

You can think of NLP as the practical manual for your brain.

How you can communicate with yourself and how you can communicate effectively with others.

An important concept I learned from the book is 'The Map Is Not The Territory'. It means that we all have that mental representation of the world around us. This mental representation is influenced by our previous experiences and believes. It's also augmented by our present needs.  That means that what we might know about something in the world is not what it is actually in reality.

While the book emphasizes the NLP concept of 'The Map is Not The Territory' it point to a clear fact that the brain makes spacial maps to everything including abstract concepts. The brain even builds internal maps for the concept of time.

There is a very important fact to keep in mind that the best skill you need to have to survive and to thrive is the ability to be flexible to all situations.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Brain Decoder - Neural Brian Interface That Translates Brain Signals into Synthesized Speech

A group of researchers in the University of California has demonstrated a new technology that can transform brain signals into synthesized speech signals using neural networks.

The new technology uses a simple concept that has been adapted in previous applications. This concept uses the signals going from the brain into auditory muscles to generate normal human voice.

Instead of directly converting brain signals into speech signals, they used neural networks after training them to interpret brain signals used to drive auditory muscles and how they could generate audible sound.

This technique requires invasive electrodes implanted into the skull to get more accurate signals with the required resolution.

When I find such innovations, I get some hope for finding The Ultimate Writing Machine that could be used to convert my brain signals into written words.

Your life is a story. It's your job to make it worth telling.

Financial Freedom May Not Make You Rich But it Sure Will Make you free

Financial freedom won’t make you rich, but it sure will make you free. 

Many people start their lives trying to find work to support themselves and their families. If they are brought up in poor environment, they don’t have any options in life except to find any kind of job to help themselves.

That means they don’t have the luxury to chase their passion or to try to figure out what they like doing the most.

But on the contrary, many other people don’t have those hard situations. When they start their careers they have that motive inside their heads. They have that passion that starts with their choice for the field of study they want to specialize in.

But as the days pass and they get older things change a lot.

First, they themselves change. They lose that passion to their jobs and find that it’s only something autonomous they keep doing over and over without any spirit.

Second, and that happens with many of us is that we have that dream job we wish to get. And only when we get it we are shocked to find that it wasn’t what we have been dreaming of. 

We are shocked when we are faced with the fact that this job is just a beautiful outside decorative front for the ugly truth hiding inside. And unfortunately, that’s what most jobs are.

When I started my way toward being an entrepreneur, I started as a freelancer and I wasn’t getting paid much from simple freelancing jobs.
But I loved that feeling I got when I make those 5 dollars from my work as freelancer.

I’ve made my steps through writing and I reached a better situation when I knew the passive income concept. In which you work for some time to create your own assets and products and then with some little maintenance, you make profits even when you’re away or when you’re asleep.

Even with this concept of passive income in mind, I didn’t reach the threshold that can make me give up my active income of the daily job I have. But that delicious feeling of freedom is what keeps me alive as I continue to do that work for myself each day. 

And as I watch this private stuff I create is getting more and more popular, I feel happy and hopeful.
In fact, that was the first target from starting side gig from the first place.

Try to find your own side gig to make you happy as you pass each day of your life.

Monday, April 29, 2019

On how to write a million dollar post?

On how to write a million dollar post
If you’ve always wondered, what makes things get viral?

In my days of blogging, I find some stuff I write without even thinking that it might get viral or I could get much traffic from it.
But many times it happens with me.
Sometimes I make a Blog Post about something I experienced, or about some life hacks and I go to sleep and then I find hundreds of post views and comments.
And if I happen to put an affiliate link I find many people click on it. And I find many payments from the link generated from those people who bought stuff after clicking this link.
That made me wonder, what if I could find the correct formula to make a post that could generate a descent amount of money.

You may think that a million dollar is large figure. But when I searched it I found that some people could actually do it.
I found that in our lives anything starts with a question. To be specific, the most useful question is how. When you start a question with HOW you tap into the future. You start to dig inside the unknown to make known to you.
I found that when you start to ask a question like: Is it possible to do this?
Your mind will enter a doubtful state and it may quickly reply: No, it’s not possible to do it.

But if you ask the right question of: How to do this thing?
You find your mind is deliberately finding answers by creating new junctions and connections between different inputs to find the appropriate answers.

Our fears are the main reason for us not to achieve our inner desires. They keep us from making success we want from the very first moment by preventing us from taking an action. And if we take action, they try to stop us from continuing. And if we continue they start to make us self-sabotage.

You may wonder why my fears have all that determination to stop me. That’s right, sometimes you feel as if your inner fears have their own freewill that try to work hard to make you fail. And after you do fail they say to you: See? I told you from the beginning not to even think about it.
You need to stop that voice of those fears by asking the right question of How then start to take action and let your brain do the rest.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything - Neil Pasricha. Book Review

I've just finished reading this book The Happiness Equation for Neil Pasricha.

I loved it very much. I also found it easy to read and backed by science in every chapter.

For example, I got one important insight I found from it. This one is about how we need to set goals that have intrinsic rather than goals those have extrinsic sources.

I've read about this thing before. I knew about studies that prove importance of intrinsic over extrinsic motivation.

This can be found in students or athletes who have their own reasons for success or for continuous training.

But the new insight I've got from the book is that when we aim to external source of motivation, we just miss the internal motivation.

For instance, when you do something purely for passion, you do your best in it without waiting to get paid for it.

But if you do this thing only for money, the whole meaning changes.

You must realize this. Even if you do something you already love but you are focusing on the external reward, you are letting this goal affects your true performance.

The author himself has mentioned this. He mentioned that when he started his first book, he didn't care about advertisement or website traffic.

But when he started to get real traffic, he stated to get anxious about more traffic, book deals and website ranking. All those things have represented distractions for him.

It's when you create something you love you do it with passion. But after a while you start looking for income sources, cash flow and invoices.

One good insight I got from this book: we always think that it's easier said than done, the reality is that it's easier done than said.

When you start doing, you get into the doing circle, you feel like you can do it, then you love doing it and then you continue doing it.

Now I started a new book, NLP For Dummies.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Book of Awesome Book review

I first read some of this book contents and found that they represent the author's internal experience and emotions about happiness.

I thought that every one of us has his own view of the world and so he or she can make his own version of happiness as he decides.

That's all true of course. And that's why I didn't wanted to start reading the book right away. But suddenly I found the preface and thought that it's what makes your brain change.

I believe that all what we do and how we look is the result of our continuous actions.

So if we continuously focus on good things in our lives, we tend to get better.

So I gave it a shot and read the whole book.

And then I noticed a sudden change in my mood. I found that I could focus on some simple things that could make me feel happier.

It's just that feeling of being happier that made me feeling better and more optimistic.

And suddenly I remembered something I need to do. I went to the ATM to find out that I had the money I waited to receive.

My positive thinking didn't cause the money to come to the ATM of course. But it's that kind of thinking that made me able to try to see the card inside the ATM and I found that I received the money.

When I continued reading I realized how writing those words has affected the author's mind.

I remember trying something similar. I've decided from a long time ago to start writing every good thing or idea I find interesting or useful.

That decision has transformed my character and improved my ability to see better opportunities in life.

And after a while I started reading what I wrote and found how lucky I was to do so.

I encourage you to read that book and also try to write your own. It's not just about writing. It's about changing your mind toward a better state of seeing beauty in every moment.

Now that I finished this book, I've decided to take a new book from the author and let it be my next book to read.

Today I've started reading the book: The Happiness Equation 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Escape from the cubicle nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur

From the Escape from the cubicle nation.

You need to find your inner tiger and unleash it.

Everyone of us has some tiger lying down and waiting to be unleashed. Our modern lives keep that tiger from being free.

Freedom of this tiger doesn't mean to be harmful or weird. It only means that each one of us has his or her unique self. And we don't have to live as puppets made out of the same mold.

We don't have to go to the same track of education, work and living that we think it's the normal kind of live.

You don't have to be a freak to be yourself, but you need to be yourself.

In order to be the best to your customers, you need first to know them, define them and know their exacts needs to help them.

Helping is not a general term. Helping people is about solving their problems.

When you say to someone, I'm going to change your life to the better you are not helping him.

But when you define the exact thing to help him like:
"I'm going to help you quit smoking", "I'm going to help you lose wight" or "My mission is to help you grow your business". That's the kind of help you need to give to your customers.

I had lots of good information from the book. For Example, one good piece of information I realized at the end of the book was that in business world, It's better to focus on the cash flow rather than profit.

While it's important to care for profit, it's also important to focus on the cash flow at the first place.

Now, I've started reading a new book. The Book of Awesome.

For the first look, I found that book a little bit strange or not worth reading. I realized how wrong I was.

The author had one idea in his mind, it was focusing on casual things that happen to us everyday but can make us feel special.

With the noise we suffer in our daily lives we can forget how those things are awesome.

In fact I've done something similar back in 2009 when I started to record my positive thoughts about my daily life.

After I decided to think this way, I managed to find awesomeness in life in general and I continued reading this book.

Monday, March 4, 2019

How to Blog a Book : Write, Publish, and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time Book Review

Today I finished reading this useful book, How to Blog a Book : Write, Publish, and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time for Nina Amir.

From the founder of the National Nonfiction Writing Month. This is the Nonfiction version of the November challenge to write a book that holds each year.

The book is inspiring and educational.

It's about how you can write your book while writing a blog and then land a book contract with a traditional publisher or choose to self publish your book.

It gets you from the idea, book planning, business plan, book proposal, writing, blogging and marketing process to simple technical blogging knowledge for writers.

For example, some information like metrics, hits and blog visitor may be unknown for most writers while they are clear for bloggers.

Whether you are a blogger who wants to publish a book or you are an aspiring writer who wants to start the writing carrier, this book is for you.

For most of the success stories about bloggers who turned their blogs into books, success was a product of some factors:

Blogging on what you really love.
Focusing on a fine small niche.

The writer makes a simple success formula, you need to keep writing on what you love on a daily basis.

Writing a post of 300 words on average can get you about 110,000 words which makes about two books.

My personal experience with blogging and content has began from 2008.

I've always wanted to write and express my thoughts to the world. So I started writing my thoughts and experiments consistently.

I've been also interested in writing about technical subjects like wind energy and embedded systems.

And then I found myself writing easily. So I decided to self publish my books by converting content from my blogs into books and adding new content to it.

You can give it a try and read this book to get you in the mood of writing and publishing.

Now I've started to read a new book mentioned in this book as a blog turned into a successful best selling book. This book is titled:

Escape from cubicle nation.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

When your mind amazes you, be ready to be amazed

Today I’ve discovered something that has really amazed me. I’ve bought a new computer that has an English keyboard layout and doesn’t have Arabic letter printed on it.

First when I bought this computer, I didn’t bother about it a lot. I loved the keyboard button buttons and I thought I would get a virtual keyboard software to help me write in Arabic.

But today I wanted to write in Arabic on this new computer and I just started immediately. I just started that without thinking or remembering that my keyboard doesn’t have Arabic letters.

I only realized that after I already started typing on the keyboard.

I remembered this problem and thought that I would run the virtual keyboard. But what happened has just amazed me and made me eager to give it a try.

I found that my fingers knew positions of Arabic letters without looking at the physical keyboard.

Most writers can write without looking at the keyboard. I didn’t believe that I could be one of those people.

I’ve seen some progress in my typing speed and accuracy as days pass. But I couldn’t believe that I could fully type without looking at the keyboard.

And now this was the real test for me. As I started typing on the keyboard with letters other than that layout, I already have I realized how my brain amazed me.

At the beginning I couldn’t find all the letters accurately. But my feeling that I knew where the letters on the keyboard has encouraged me to continue and write all that I want.

Through trial and error, I could manage to complete the post I wanted to make, and I’ve been amazed.

The point here is that you can be amazed with what your own brain can do. Someday when you find that you can do something that you didn’t expect you could do, here when you’d be amazed.

Keep learning and practicing all the time. Just as you grow your muscles, Neuroplasticity will continue to shape your brain according to the skills you keep practicing.

Focus is the right word for success. You need to focus on the skill you need to master.

Keep doing and get ready to be amazed.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Reality Is Not What It Seems - Carlo Rovelli Book Review

Einstein has sent four articles to the der - --- - which has been considered as the most important physics entity in the time.

The first article was about the proving the existence of atoms. It was proved by the Brownian movement in fluids.

When we notice the fluids as they move when we mix two fluids like water and milk together. Or when we notice the movement of dust particles moving in the air. We can see this type of movement.

This movement has made the prove for existence of atoms possible. Einstein also has calculated the radius of atoms from this movement.

The second paper was the stone for the Special Theory of Relativity.

And the third article was the seed for Quantum Mechanics. As Einstein concluded that light is made of photons of energy. And this what causes the photoelectric effect.

The fourth paper is the relation between matter and energy. The famous equation E = m.c2 

In this book, the author confirms one main idea. Which is in the heart of scientific thinking there must be a deep sense of uncertainty.

It's that doubt that motivates scientists to search and examine the unknown.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Fabric of The Cosmos: Brian Greene - Book Review

I've just finished reading this book. I liked it very much.

The reader has made its complex subjects so simple and understandable in simple English.

You don't need to be a Theoretical Physicist to under stand those subjects I've really wanted to know about but I've been afraid of dealing with hard Mathematics.

Subjects like Special and General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Space-time, Super String Theory and much more have been subjects kept me interested in science since I was a child.

And now I read about them all and understand everything thoroughly.

And I find more about things like Black-holes, Dark-matter and Casimir Effect very simple to understand.

The book has also made some ideas clear for me.

Something like the big-bang theory that didn't study the beginning of the universe but instead it's a theory that describes the moment after the explosion that started the universe.

Casimir Effect which has been unknown to me found to be the gravitational force generated between two plates that have small gap between them due to the Quantum Jitters in the filed between them.

Also I've known for the first time that the Super String Theory is the physicist's effort to make a uniform theory.

I've known for a long time that science has been searching for such a theory for many years but now I found that Einstein himself was the first one to search for such a theory. And that is String Theory was the effort for this search.

I have to admit that this book has fueled my enthusiasm to deep scientific reading again. Although it's not that deep. I have to say that its simple English and common language makes it perfect for non specialists to get the right idea about subject they are interested in.

That's why I totally recommend this book.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

عقدتك مصدر قوتك - كيف يكون مصدر فشلك هو العامل الأساسي لنجاحك؟

ما تخاف منه في الصغر هو ما يجعلك قوياً في الكبر

ما ينغص عليك حياتك هو ما يجعلك سعيداً بعد ذلك

هل شعرت بأن شيئاً معين يؤلمك من مجرد التفكير فيه؟
هل في حياتك أشخاص يجعلون حياتك تعيسة لمجرد وجودهم فيها؟

هل كنت تعاني في الصغر من الوحدة أو الإنطوائية وعدم وجود الأصدقاء ؟

قد تكون هذه الأشياء وأكثرهي نفس الأشياء التي قد تجعل من حياتك بعد ذلك مصدراً للسعادة والرخاء

قد يكون ما يؤرقك في فترة زمنية من حياتك عاملاً على قدرتك على النجاح والتغيير

كما أن ما قد تعتقد أنه مصدر للضعف في فترة زمنية قد يكون مصدراً للقوة وعاملاً على الإنطلاق

إذا رأيت حياتك في الصغر أو تذكرت كم كنت سعيداً أم تعيساً ، وعلمت أن هذه الفترة من حياتك قد انقضت بحلوها ومرها، وتعلمت من أخطائك والمشاكل التي مررت بها . حينها فقط تعلم أن كل هذه الأحداث قد تكون سبباً فيما بعد لنجاحك وقوتك وقدرتك على التأقلم والنجاح والإزدهار

فكم من أمثلة على أشخاص كانوا يعانون من الإنطواء في الصغر ثم أصبحوا متحدثين تحفيزيين في الكبر

وكم من أشخاص وصفهم المجتمع بأن لديهم صعوبات في التعلم والفهم بينما هم من علم العالم النظريات والعلوم الجديدة في الكبر

وكم من أشخاص عانوا في صغرهم من فقر عائلاتهم ومشاكلهم الأسرية ثم أصبحوا في الكبر من أغنى الأغنياء بل ويحلون مختلف المشكلات للآخرين